About Me

Hi, thanks for visiting.

My name is Bryant Manning and I am currently attending Duke University.

You can find me on Facebook here. You can follow me on Twitter here. I don’t do Foursquare, it is creepy.

What does “Dovetailed Life” mean?

It means what you think it means. Everyone has different interests, skills, thoughts, ideas, and opinions that make them them. Somehow all of these things work together to create something beautiful…you. This is me.  Feel free to read, disagree, and comment. I pay more attention to people’s attendance to the site than I’m willing to admit.

Things that this site is about (more or less):

  • Current events
  • Apple, Inc. (and everything they make, and why they’re better than Google)
  • Music
  • Divinity School and Theology
  • Other random musings and frustrations of my mind.

Please expect to be referred to a lot of YouTube videos.  YouTube is one of the single most influential pieces of technology in my lifetime. Second only to the internet.

Thanks for visiting.